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After Mother Of 6 Killed In Santa Clarita Crash, Alleged DUI Suspect ID’ed
Alexia Cina, 21.

After Mother Of 6 Killed In Santa Clarita Crash, Alleged DUI Suspect ID’ed

After a mother of six was killed in a Santa Clarita crash Friday night, the suspected drunk driver allegedly responsible has been identified.

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First responders reportedly found Alexia Cina, 21, sitting on the curb near the stretch of Golden Valley Road where the crash took place shortly before midnight on Friday, according to an anonymous source.

Lt. Rob Hahnlein with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station confirmed that investigators found open containers of alcoholic beverages in the suspect’s car, though he couldn’t confirm the person’s ID.

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“It just looks like a person traveling south on Golden Valley accidentally hit the right curb heading into traffic coming northbound, striking oncoming traffic,” Hahnlein said.

Cina was reportedly transported to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital for her injuries. One of the drivers she allegedly struck, Katie Evans, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Cina has yet to be booked by Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station officials or investigators, according to multiple sources familiar with the investigation.

A mother of six, Evans was returning home after visiting her twin daughters — who had recently been born prematurely at the UCLA Intensive Care Unit — when she was killed in the collision.

“Katie was at UCLA every day, holding her baby girls,” said an individual close to the Evans family.

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The twins had been born prematurely at 25 weeks, and both weighed only 1.5 pounds. Since their birth on August 13, Evans had been by their side at the UCLA ICU.

Evans is survived by her husband and six children: four boys, ages 12, 11, 9 and 2; as well as the newborn twin girls.

Her family has invited the Santa Clarita community to a funeral service to celebrate Evans’ life.

The service will be held Saturday, Oct. 14, at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, starting at 2 p.m. The church is located at 19513 Drycliff Street. All are welcome.

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A YouCaring page has also been set up to support Katie Evans’ family here.

The Way Out Recovery SCV has offered to help the suspected driver with her issues with alcohol, and is there for the community and parents to help loved ones with substance use issues.

KHTS made numerous attempts to reach Cina for comment with no avail.

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After Mother Of 6 Killed In Santa Clarita Crash, Alleged DUI Suspect ID’ed


  1. So sad how this world is a shame so sorry

  2. I believe her babies are in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). Not ICU as listed. So tragic. My heart breaks for her family and those two baby girls who will never get to know their mother.

  3. Way to go, KHTS….Once again! Revealing information that hasn’t been verified or released by the LASD Traffic Investigation Team!
    Did one of your “Journalists” suddenly become the spokesperson for LASD? Funny, you failed to print that!
    I certainly hope that in your zest for printing unverified information, this backfires on your little “Hometown Station.”

    • Thank GOD someone finally said it

    • They are only reporting what is already public knowledge. I found her name yesterday using Google. It took me less than 5 minutes. Additionally, her name is all over social media posts by people who know her. Being identified in public for doing something heinous is part of the price she will pay for being involved in a traffic accident that killed a mother of six. Maybe you should think about them and what they are going through instead of defending someone who had MANY options to choose from to get home that night, but chose to drive while intoxicated and destroyed the lives of an innocent family. People are outraged about this, and rightfully so.

      • We still do not know if Cina was intoxicated. Yes this is a terrible situation for this mothers children & family. Just awful. We can’t treat this girl as though she was a drunk driver untill it has been proven.

    • I don’t understand why you are so upset Cathy B. KHTS did nothing wrong. I am more interested in why nothing was done in regards to the death she caused. Why does it bother you so much that they published the name of an adult who killed someone. It will be murder if she did it while drunk. Are you connected to her in some way. I love that KHTS keeps me informed and up to date.

    • Cathy,

      Speaking on behalf of this “Little Town” STFU.

      When the official toxology report comes back for those who are oblivious, JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED. And as for Alexia Cina, may god have no mercy on your soul. If there ever was a time to say it. BUILD THAT WALL. RIP to the innocent mother taken from us.

      • Build that wall?
        What are you talking about?
        God forgives sinners and teaches us to love one another. You should not condemn others in His name. This girl made a terrible mistake and will be paying the price for the rest of her life. We should be praying for all involved.

        • Finally , thank you for telling it like it is Christina you have your sence where it should be coming from no one wants to kill but we are not the final judge depending on all the circumstances ..prayer work and God know this one needs it the family left can’t imagine devistation most of the twins that won’t be nutured by their mother here after yes I think prayers are in demand for all involved not sarcasm and hatred

          • Only one party involved deserves prayers and it’s not the CRIMINAL!

          • Um, God is a fictional character in a very old book. He does not exist. This irresponsible moron just murdered a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend. I don’t want to hear one single word about how hard her life will be, she deserves every moment of pain for what she has done to this family.

      • James, God* wasn’t racist.

    • Way to defend the perpetrator who is a murderer Cathy B. If it were up to me, I would make sure Alexia Cina got the death penalty.

    • Nice… defending a dreamer. Hope next time a drunk kill ur whole family and u r chill with that.

  4. whats your beef Cathy B ? Not sure what has you all worked up ! How do you know information has not been verified or released ? You sound shady !

  5. You chose to drive drunk. Now be prepared to pay the consequences. I feel sorry only for your victim.

  6. its sad for everyone involved PERIOD. My heart aches for the children. I think we all thought at 21 yrs. of age we were invincible. I know I drove drunk and looking back I am blessed I didn’t take someone’s life. How selfish of me.

  7. 60 people a day are murdered by drunk drivers and no outcry , 60 people murdered at a concert which is also horrific it news for a couple weeks ???? sad
    Prayer for the grieving family

  8. Why isnt she in custoidy? I don’t remember another incident where someone commits vehicular homicide and was leery go without so much as a ticket. What do her parents do? Is one of them in law enforcement or government? This is very strange!

    • Did you think at that hour anyone could have been to blame even if she been drinking if she not to blame it will be an legal issue and it will have to do with who is employed where ever …the law is the law if to blame she would be incarcerated everyone knows DUI are easily handled or ignored in this town …

  9. she might have gone to San Diego Christian University , her name was on the Soccer team’s roster a few days ago, it’s been deleted now. How Christian of her to kill a mother. Hypocrite, may that weight of god and the prisoners hold her accountable.

  10. She needs to be booked and charged for Vehicular Manslaughter asap

  11. Too bad murder charges cannot be brought, because that is what this is. No excuses for these drunks.

  12. Wow everyone’s comments are so crazy… the only thing valid here is the fact that 6 kids will go through life without their mom.. thanks so heartbreaking.. even if she had 1 drink , it’s still too many. They can’t put her in jail until they have all the info . It’s called an investigation.. and basically you’re innocent until proven guilty. She will have a lengthy trial probably at tax payers expense. Even if her blood alcohol level is below a .08 she will still be hit with time and fees. Still nothing in comparison to what this young mothers family will go through

  13. “Build that wall ” How dare U use this lovely woman who waa killed by this very stupid child young adult… Her actions destroyed Both families. How Dare U say that Build a wall. This Lady had not an ounce of hatred or malice against anyone at all. She is LDS n this means Every thing to Us. She is in Heaven with our Heavenly Father n if she could She tell the young woman She forgave her. N her only hurt is not holding her babies n watching them grow up n stay with her husband til they grew old n wrinkly. True Love of Christ is what we have as LDS mormons SoYes I know She would not hate this young woman who by her horrible choices caused so much hurt n sorrow.. I spent days crying over this lady. I mever knew her but kmown exactly what kind of Women of Pure Spirit m Courage n True Love of Christ abound Abundantly at LDS churches.. In our Wards in our Stakes in our Homes. N We do not judge or hate others.. Yes we get upset n sad n hurt. N then We turn to Heavenly Father n Christ our Lord to help us at times like this… We do not ask gor built walls or to doscriminate or hate.. N It upsets me U could not understand The integrity n Love of Christ of thos Lady.. N think she hate or want a wall built.. She is a beautiful lady A Wonderful Spirit of Heavenly Father n is now in Heaven waitong for het Eternal family to come home after they live n are happy n can go n ne with her.. So please do not use her to spread hatred. That is a far worst crime.. To dirty her Name by thinking she is the likes of people like U. She was not n is Not. She is a Wonderful Eternal Pure Child of God. Leave her n het family to grieve in peace.

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