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A Safety Guide For Setting Up And Installing Your New AC

When the summer season arrives, the heat can become intolerable indoors. That’s why air conditioning units are so popular in warm countries. Being powerful appliances, they use a lot of electricity to function. Fortunately, they are more energy-efficient than a decade ago. Let’s take a look together at how to safely install one, in order to reap the benefits they have to offer.

Professional help is available

Many people are happy to try their own do-it-yourself jobs at home. It is possible to install an AC unit yourself, but there is help available for the unconfident. Peoples’ safety is paramount, and that’s why professional help should be sought if there is any risk of danger. When looking at this aircon servicing company singapore, it was comforting to learn that the people who supply the units can also install them. These days most technicians are certified and can come within a couple of days. 

Some even offer an emergency call-out service as well. The professionals who perform these installations are frequently able to assist with the servicing and repair issues on an ongoing basis, too. Let’s now discuss completing the task without external help.

Assess the room before buying the product

Anyone who buys an AC unit that is too small and not powerful enough will soon regret it. As a rough guide, there should be 20 BTU for each square foot of the room. Let’s suppose the actual size is between 350 and 550 square feet. That would require a unit that had between eight and twelve thousand BTU. 

If anyone buys an airconditioning unit that is too big, there will be problems as a result. Any extracted moisture will simply be directed back indoors. If the humidity level becomes too high, it will become unsafe, particularly for anyone with respiratory problems such as asthma. The resulting moisture would also create a breeding ground for mold and dust mites. 

If the unit will be window mounted, check the product specifications

People need to raise the lower sash window and calculate the height and width of the opening. This is to ensure the aircon unit will actually fit in the space available.  Egress windows are designed to be exited in the case of an emergency. They are often purchased because they are the only escape route. For this reason, AC units should not be attached to such windows. 

Prepare for a two-person job

These units are as cumbersome and heavy as they are powerful. Two people will be needed at all times to ensure a safe installation occurs. Check that all the parts have been supplied, including the mounting brackets. The process aims to install a unit that will be both airtight and secure. 

Whilst it may not have been supplied with the unit, an additional steel support bracket may be worth fitting. This will provide added protection to ensure the unit doesn’t fall from its place. It would be secured outside the window on the outside wall. 

When the lower sash has been raised, the aircon unit should be centred on the window sill. The design of the unit means that most of it will be hanging outside, hence the essential nature of having two people involved. The sash is then lowered over the top of the AC unit to the rear of the metal flange. 

Extra fixtures

Some L-shaped brackets should have come in the box, and these are to be placed to the far left and the far right. For security purposes, there may also be additional screws to go through the metal flanger at the top of the unit and the lower sash. 

Metal extensions shaped like accordions will also be essential fittings to install. They will close off the gaps to the left and right of the unit. The finished unit will be tipping outside. This is correct and helps the water drip outdoors rather than inside. 

Air conditioners

Plug in the unit

We mentioned that AC units use a lot of power in order to operate. They should function well if they do not share the plug socket with other power-hungry appliances. However, if this is the case, one should use an alternative socket or an extension lead (The latter should be one that copes with heavy-duty appliances). 

Once the weather is hot and the item is being used daily, check it each month to make sure the air filters are not dirty or clogged. It’s best to keep the whole thing in place when the weather changes. Anyone wishing to store it during winter will need to reverse the installation process and keep everything stored in its original packaging. 

If an airconditioning unit has been installed safely, it should provide many years of use. Ongoing maintenance is also important to ensure its full functionality and safety. 

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A Safety Guide For Setting Up And Installing Your New AC

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