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What You Should Know About Laser Lipo

All over the world people care about their bodies. They may be either happy with them, or endlessly battling with their weight or other issues. Sadly such things can affect peoples’ self image, and the media continues to promote unrealistic ideas regarding ‘the perfect body’.

Some people focus on their diets to achieve an ideal weight, and others follow a regular exercise routine to help them stay fit. Ideally people should do both. There is another option that people are increasingly choosing these days, and that’s cosmetic surgery. They may have facelifts or tummy tucks, breast augmentation or hair transplants. In America, the most popular cosmetic surgery relates to liposuction. One of these medical procedures is called laser lipo, and that’s what this article is all about.

Information Is Available Online

The internet provides the answers to so many of our questions. If someone asks does laser lipo work they may look for helpful websites, especially those that offer free consultations. Many online specialists claim the procedure is an alternative to invasive liposuction. They say it helps people with inch loss and body contouring. Such professionals may also claim the process breaks down fat cells without surgery pain or the need for recovery time.

The Actual Process

Laser lipo has been approved by the FDA, which is the Food and Drug Administration. Some specialists say laser lipo is like traditional liposuction, but with the added feature of laser technology. Being minimally invasive, laser treatment is used instead of creating incisions in the patient’s skin.

The targeted skin tissue is heated to 900 degrees by the laser, which liquifies the fat cells. They are then removed using a cannula, which is a very thin tube. This is an easier process than the more traditional method, and may be less aggressive on the skin. In turn the recovery process is sped up.

Who The Treatment May Be Suited For

It’s important to realise that laser lipo is not a door to weight loss. Its effects will be maximised when a person eats and drinks sensibly and takes regular exercise.

What the treatment can help with is tackling specific areas of stubborn fat that need to be removed. They could be on a person’s neck or chin, or their ‘love handles.’ Alternatively the issue could be on someone’s thighs, arms or stomach.

People Who May Qualify For The Treatment

As with any cosmetic treatment, it would be a requirement that the patient is over 18 years of age. They should enjoy regular exercise and a healthy diet. It’s important that the person’s skin elasticity is good. If the person is overweight this should be around 25 lbs maximum.

Needless to say, it’s important to have an initial discussion with the practitioner before having laser lipo. This would be to fully establish a person’s suitability before proceeding. A person would have to reveal any existing medical conditions that they have, and also disclose any prescription medication that they are taking.

The Medical Risks

As with all medical procedures, there is always the possibility of encountering issues. They could include skin damage, changes in skin appearance and scarring. Other recorded issues related to deep tissue burns, blood clots and infections. One survey revealed that complications occurred in 1% of cases. Patients may also be required to wait before undergoing further cosmetic treatment.

The best way to achieve peace of mind is to only choose a fully qualified practitioner. The more qualified they are, the lower will be the risks involved.

surgeonThe Benefits Of Laser Lipo

More research is needed to compare laser lipo with the traditional process. It would certainly seem that the use of lasers enhances a person’s collagen production. In turn this tightens the skin and improves the body’s contours. (This should be accompanied by the exercise and healthy diet we discussed earlier). Many people speak of reduced recovery times and less bruising after the procedure. Once again more research is needed in this area, but some people have said a person’s cellulite may be less obvious after laser lipo has been performed.

People who await general medical operations frequently have to wait in a queue, which could take months. When cosmetic surgery is provided privately, it is usually quicker to obtain.

The medical procedure is likely to cost anywhere between $2,500 and $5,000, depending on the location and the practitioners. A person should make the necessary research and discuss the procedure with a reputable professional beforehand. If the process is chosen, laser lipo may be a very real option for looking and feeling better.

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What You Should Know About Laser Lipo

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