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Ways Of Dealing With Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms


Cigarettes are made of dried tobacco leaves with natural nicotine content, plus other chemicals and additives. Put together to make people happy and, at the same time, addicted to it. Even though people know how disastrous nicotine is to their health, they continue smoking. But some wanted to quit although it’s difficult for them.  Nicotine, just like illegal drugs, is ...

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6 Cool Cardio Exercises To Try In 2020

2020, a year fraught with anxiety and panic, has been one where people have turned inwards and tried to better themselves. With global lockdown restrictions imposed as a consequence of the pandemic spreading through every country in the world, people have had nothing better to do than to exercise – it has also been suggested by government bodies that being ...

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Looking Good In Your 60s – Secret Of Fit People Revealed

Elderly couple

Health is a precious asset that people often overlook at a young age. It is never too late to get fit, despite your age. As you age, you become more aware of the value of good health and its fragility. In a performance-driven society, taking charge of your health and well-being may help you look right through the years with ...

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Movement Of Pilates: Exercises To Do At Home

Movement of Pilates - Santa Clarita Pilates

According to the dictionary, Pilates is defined “as a system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness.” Santa Clarita has a Pilates studio called Movement of Pilates that helps people get their body moving and focus their mind on wellness. They specialize in almost every fitness level so if you ...

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How To Effectively Cope With Life Changing Events

As we move forward into the future, we will, without a doubt, be facing some difficult times. Some of us may get the short end of the stick. The rest of us may, on the surface, seem to skate by without a care. The only constant between us all is that we will endure some hardships. It’s part of the ...

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Taking Care Of Your Body The Right Way

Man flexing his muscle

When it comes to our bodies there are definite right and wrong ways in which we can look after them. As cliche as it sounds, we only have one body and we can’t replace it so taking care of it should be at the peak of our interest, but many of us cast that aside and concentrate on other things. ...

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Exercise Options You Can Do In Your Living Room While Under The Safer At Home Order

Family Dancing in Living Room

With so many Santa Clarita Valley residents at home due to the coronavirus pandemic and Safer At Home mandate, many are looking for indoor exercise options. Exercise is an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle, and according to the Centers For Disease Control, CDC, some of the benefits of physical activity on brain health happens right after a session ...

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How To Reduce Soreness After Working Out

DOMS—every athlete’s worst nightmare. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the pain and soreness you feel several hours or days after partaking in strenuous physical activity. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a new gym member, everyone’s susceptible to soreness, no matter their physical strength. After a hard workout, your muscle fibers tear. When they tear, protein helps rebuild them ...

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Free Virtual Fitness Class Provided By WiSH Foundation 

WiSH Education Foundation is set to offer a complimentary virtual fitness class led by a fitness expert on Monday, officials said.    With gyms closed and movement curtailed, the WiSH Education Foundation is coming to the rescue to get your blood pumping with a complimentary fitness training session on Monday, April 20 at noon, according to officials.    The virtual fitness class is ...

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