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Gubernatorial Runner Larry Elder Speaks At Santa Clarita Church 

Larry Elder, a republican running in the Gubernatorial race to replace Governor Gavin Newsom if recalled, spoke in Santa Clarita Monday. 

Elder, a talk show host stationed out of Los Angeles, spoke at Freedom’s Way Baptist Church in Castaic Monday to discuss his plans for the state if he is to be elected. 

If elected, Elder plans on working on keeping businesses of all sizes and families here in California, fixing the homeless problem, crime and more. 

Since March of 2020, Californians have shown their frustration with the way Newsom has run the state with lockdowns, and it has shown due to the amount of people voting to recall him this month, according to officials. 

“Nearly a third of all small businesses are gone forever because of how this man shutdown this state,” Elder said. “Many of these people in Sacramento who are passing laws and are burdening businesses have never ran a hot dog stand, and here they are telling us what to do. More businesses have left in the first six months of this year than have left all of last year.” 

In a study that Elder referred to stated the cause for businesses leaving the state are the taxes high cost of living and regulations put on them by state leaders. 

As a result of this study, if Elder is elected he plans to reduce tax across the board to reduce the amount of people leaving the state and keeping them here, he said. 

Another issue Elder touched on was the homelessness crisis across the state of California, and wants to work with getting individuals who are living on the street with schizophrenia, mental health issues and those addicted to controlled substances the help they need. 

“Once they are treated they need somewhere to go,” Elder said. 

After talks with Dr. Ben Carson, Elder and him plan to utilize Federal property to build housing at a fraction of what it would cost to build on state land for the people experiencing homelessness, Elder said. 

“This problem can be solved, not over night, but over time,” Elder said. 

A third area of discussion for Elder was crime, and he plan to back a recall for Los Angeles County’s and San Francisco’s District Attorneys. 

“Crime, it is up traumatically  in every major city in California,” Elder said. “During the Coronavirus, the governor over saw the release of 20,000 convicted felons many of whom were violent offenders who were released early. What could go wrong?” 

Part of the reason Elder feels crime is rising is due to the “violent offenders” being released from jails and to a lack of funding for police departments.

Elder also feels that currently people of color throughout the Country and California feel that police are out to harm them and not help protect them. However, Elder said “that is not true,” and if elected wants that feeling to be changed. 

“My father told me, ‘when you get pulled over, make sure your left hand is at 10 o’clock and your right hand is at 2 o’clock, and say ‘yes ma’am, no ma’am,’ or ‘yes sir, no sir.’ Make sure your paperwork is in order. If you feel you were mistreated, get a badge number and deal with it while you are alive,'” Elder said. “Far too many young black men are not cooperating and are not complying because they’ve been told, ‘why should I?’ So this is what you have done with this lie, and this narrative. I am going to change this narrative when I get to Sacramento.” 

Elder also has plans to push a recall to have the L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón removed if elected. 

Representatives of Santa Clarita Valley, including Mike Garcia, Santa Clarita City Mayor Bill Miranda, former Mayor Cameron Smyth, Assemblywoman Suzette Valladares and Hart Board Member Joe Messina were also in attendance showing their support for a change in governor.

Santa Clarita residents have until Sept. 14 to vote to either keep or to recall Governor Newsom and choose who they would like to replace him. 

To view Elder’s full speech, click here.      

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Gubernatorial Runner Larry Elder Speaks At Santa Clarita Church 


  1. Larry was fabulous. He sees what is wrong and he has solutions that make sense. He WILL be a great Governor for California. People will come back, businesses will return.
    Diane Zimmerman

    • I completely agree Diane but it’s a daunting task because we’re so outnumbered and the school money Gavin receives for his campaign will be difficult to overcome.California leads in all the categories you don’t want to lead in crime,high taxes etc but just maybe we can at the very least send a message and put a dent into the 2022 race.

  2. 276 million dollars went into this recall effort

    • Larry Elders… is simply not the answer anyone should be looking for. He’s another Trump sycophant.

      Larry Elders, doesn’t believe systemic racism is real, he doesn’t believe women should be in charge of their bodies, Larry Elders is not for gender equality, he’s anti-gay, he pushes COVID conspiracy, he’s a climate change denier, he’s for big tobacco, he’s basically living in the Stone Age.

      Look no further than this comment:
      Women know less than men about political issues, economics, and current events”; He commented that the women who took part in the 2017 Women’s March were obese and unattractive; scoffed at premenstrual syndrome by saying PMS stands for “Punish My Spouse”, endorsing pregnancy discrimination by employers; and claimed that statistics about domestic violence against women are exaggerated to promote feminism.

      They dude is just a dope. If you’re gonna vote someone do some research instead of following what your flock is pushing. The real sheeple are the right wing conservative wackjobs pushing their righteous self-serving agendas on those who never learned to think for themselves.

      • Monroe, you using the word “sheeple” is too funny. You’re spouting off the CNN talking points like a freakin robot.

        LOL, is this what you wanted to be when you grew up? When was the last time you thought for yourself?

        • I think Monroe was reacting to the term “sheeple” that has been used on these comment pages so often by others readers to slam all Democrats, but maybe you didn’t know that.
          The points that Monroe lists about Elder’s position on things can be found spoken by Elder directly. But maybe you didn’t know that, either.

    • And as much as 31 billion were stolen from tax payers in unemployment funds due to scammers and how bout Newsoms bullet train to nowhere that’s in the billions too.All this happened on Newsoms watch the 276 million which is extensive is a drop in the bucket compared to Newsoms recklessness.The list goes on but let’s focus on the 276 million and forget about the billions.

    • $31 Billion was lost due to EDD Fraud. A direct result of Newsom’s refusal to cross reference prisoner records with EDD payments. That’s 125 time the cost of the recall.
      And you have to ask is that 276 million cost real? For 20 million votes, that is a cost of $14 per vote.

  3. Let’s focus on what our leaders stand for. Larry Elders is pro discrimination, anti women and anti gay rights, anti climate change, anti science, anti education, the list goes on and on. He’s the opposite of what California stands for

    • Monroe, I’m sure you’re a good person but you sound like a fool. Do you really think he is “Pro-discrimination” or “anti-women” or “anti-gay rights” or any of the rest of your smear campaign. No, of course you don’t believe them but you’re so flippant to say such horrible things about another person. None of it true but that doesn’t matter. Lies don’t matter as long as you get your way. Sad.

      I don’t put all the blame on people like you. I have to keep in mind that you’re just repeating what you heard, like a programmed robot. What a good robot you are.

      Can you back any of that up with any facts? Do you speak so harshly about people in your own family?

      Pro discimination?? He’s a black man from South Central LA. LOL, are you kidding? Imagine what he’s dealt with growing up and what he’s overcome.

      You need help. Start off by shutting off The Program…CNN. It’s not even news. Are you the last person to find that out? Then, go read some books. Start off by reading the Constitution. You’ll learn a lot. Then go read about the horrors of Venezuela, Cuba, China, etc…. all failed Socialist and Communist regimes. Then sit and think (without CNN telling you what to think, you’ll have to think for yourself) about which direction you want CA to go and then the US. You’ll start to see things more clearly now that the CNN program on you is wearing off.

      Then sit and smile. You live in the greatest country in the world. Think of all those who sacrificed for you. Now think about all the freedom you wasted watching CNN. Don’t waste anymore. Listen to Larry’s interviews, the entire thing. Not just sound bites on CNN, his direct words. He makes good points and provides new ideas to solve real problems in CA. We have a LOT of them.

      I really do wish you the best.

      • Cali Dad, Larry Elder is a talk show host, so he has expressed himself over and over on these topics. If someone has a problem with him, it doesn’t mean it is unfounded. Telling someone you don’t know, that they don’t think for themselves is pretty insulting. How would you know what CNN is reporting if you don’t watch it? Maybe Monroe relies on multiple sources for information. I think what Elder has said BEFORE hoping to become mayor is probably the most authentic way for us to know his true attitudes.

  4. Let’s focus on being 41st out of 50 states in education so why bother worrying about whether kids have to be vaccinated or wear a mask in school with atrocious numbers like that so let’s just keep them home until we’re in the top 20.

  5. Monroe, you’re way out in LEFT field, which continues to degrade cities from Seattle to LA, Chicago, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Kenosha, NY, Michigan etc., all done by Liberals! Others are posting facts/truths about reality & you are spreading fear mongering of hysterical, over blown, victimhood that’s not true, unless those Sheeple choose to accept bad behaviors which always results in bad outcomes because of chosen resistant, non-traditional, bad behaviors/lifestyles! Nobody’s choice but their own!

  6. Even if Elder is elected, how much will he possibly accomplish before next year’s gubernatorial election?
    Will it be worth the 276 million spent on the impeachment effort? That was my point.

    • No, it wouldn’t be worth it. Especially since he’s basically done in a year any way…

    • Anne, he has a great plan for how to get things done. Listen to his interviews. I thought the same thing but he’s got a good strategy even a majority blue state. You can even fact check his ideas based on the laws in CA. Listen to the interview with Ben Shapiro. No rhetoric, right to the point.

      Don’t listen to poor, sad Monroe. If Larry makes progress, he’ll be a shoe-in to win. Imagine CA returning to glory. The best is yet to come.

  7. Unfortunately a lot of wasted $$$! But it might send a message for future & current lazy/deceitful/selfish POLITICIANS (Gas-Con, etc,) to do something decent for the taxpayers! Everything Liberals touch turns to degradation as seen from Seattle to LA, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kenosha, NY, Michigan, etc.!

  8. I will watch the interview. Did he talk about climate change?

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