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Canyon Country Pedestrian Crash Sierra Vista Jr High
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12-Year-Old Struck Near Sierra Vista In Canyon Country Hit-And-Run, Parents Seek Answers  

The mom of a 12-year-old pedestrian who was struck by a car in a Canyon Country hit-and-run crash last week is seeking the public’s help in locating the driver. 

Trisha Maldonado, the mother of the 12-year-old Sierra Vista Junior High School student and football player, is asking for the public’s help in locating the driver who hit her son on Stillmore Street near Whites Canyon Road last Tuesday.  

“When he was struck on that Tuesday, he was with a group of friends walking using the crosswalk to get back to school,” Maldonado said. 

When the child and his friends were entering the crosswalk, they noticed a Nissan Pathfinder running a red light headed right towards them.    

“As my son approached and took three steps into the crosswalk, (the car) came out of nowhere,” Maldonado said. “He tried to jump out of the way, and was clipped on his left side and both tires ran over my son’s left leg.” 

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As a result of the crash, the child was transported to the hospital, where he learned he had sprained his left knee and ankle, according to family members.

After the vehicle hit the student, the driver reportedly drove off at a high rate of speed. 

The vehicle was seen traveling through an alley that connects Whites Canyon and Camp Plenty Roads behind Autozone and Big Lots, Maldonado said. 

“Mechanics in the area all have surveillance cameras and saw him drive quickly through the area, almost striking a parked vehicle and another person,” Maldonado said.

A still from surveillance footage of the vehicle involved in the hit and run

Since the crash, Maldonado says that her son is now afraid to walk around and does not want to go anywhere. 

“He’s 12 years old. He shouldn’t have to feel this way,” Maldonado said.

Since the crash, the child has not been able to participate in PE class or football. 

Deputies with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station’s Traffic Office are actively investigating the crash, according to officials. 

“We are still talking with some witnesses to get better descriptions,” said Sgt. Scott Shoemaker.

Anyone with information about the crash, or if they believe they have located the vehicle or suspect shown in the surveillance footage, can call the station at 661-255-1121.          

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12-Year-Old Struck Near Sierra Vista In Canyon Country Hit-And-Run, Parents Seek Answers  


  1. This shouldn’t be that hard to solve.

  2. People being shot, kids run over! What’s happened to our wonderful town? So glad I moved out of Canyon Country, I loved it there – but it’s gotten too dangerous! 🙁

  3. You can thank the Liberals/Socialists/Democrats/Anarchists/Communists from Seattle to San Diego!!! Non stop of horrible behaviors excused by snowflake Liberals!!

    • Really, JoJo? Tell us all WHY this is the Liberals/Democrats fault? If the person who hit this innocent kid turns out to be a Republican can you shut the hell up? You are a very negative judgemental person.

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      • Didn’t say a Liberal hit the kid. It’s the Liberals who excuse bad behavior!! Liberals created (Gascon) Prop. 47 & 57 and AB 109–so if the horrible driver is caught, his/her crime will be reduced & it will be out of jail in hours, thanks to the Liberals/Democrats!!

  4. Should not to be hard to find with those wheels Going to trade them in on some new ones, or a can of black spray paint. Could have done better paying for insurance or obtaining a drivers license. Maybe late for work. Hit and run is the theme, now days.

  5. Hope the boy is OK! With so many 3rd world drivers here, they behave/drive like their native countries, rather than improve & assimilate! Shame for the innocent boy!

  6. Nothing like a story like this to expose your blatant racism and lack of decency Jojo, Bob. You’re a discrace to the USA and a meaningless troll.

  7. Not racist, realist!! Non excusers look at the high probability of statistics/facts & don’t coverup truth/facts/statistics!! Otherwise, one would be a fool, and would continue to excuse bad behavior, bringing down decent society!! A sheep!!

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