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6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Food Supplements

Pills and Weights

Do you wish to become happier and healthier? Do you want to improve your sleep and boost your immune system? The right food supplements can boost your health, give you better sleep, and leave you a healthier person. You only need to set your goals and work closely with a nutritionist or your health practitioner. There are a few other ...

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Ask Brien – Nutrition and Diets – September 10, 2020

Ask Brien Radio Show - Askbrien.com

Hosts: Brien Johnson and Traci DeForge Topic: Nutrition and Diets Guest: Nikita Patel Ask Brien Radio Show airs weekly on Thursday from 1 PM – 2 PM on KHTS AM 1220. On this episode of the Ask Brien Show, our hosts Brien Johnson and Traci DeForge talk with their guest Dietitian Nikita Patel on nutrition and health. Peter and Traci start ...

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Young Men And Healthy Nutrition


For young men, nutrition isn’t generally a thing they focus on. There are numerous changes going on now throughout everyday life. Busy schedules and new environment can prompt unhealthful dietary patterns, for example, skipping suppers or bites, eating only inexpensive food, gorging, and drinking over the top measures of sugar-improved refreshments or liquor. Alongside conflicting eating designs, youngsters may encounter ...

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Gyms Reopen This Weekend, Dr. Polucki Provides An Alternative

Gyms Reopen - Polucki

By Dr. Thomas Polucki Gyms Reopen this weekend. As much as I LOVE exercise and freedom, I won’t be signing up for another extreme weight loss challenge. Instead, I want to share an easier option with you… Yes, like most people, I put on toxic weight during the lock down. But I also have enough experience with toxic weight gain ...

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Coronavirus Ground Zero Survivors Little And No COVID-19 Symptoms

Polucki - Coronavirus Survivors

By Dr. Thomas Polucki Corona virus ground zero survivors credit Dr. Polucki’s telehealth rehabilitation and targeted nutrition for little and no Covid-19 symptoms. Surrounded by thousands of Covid-19 exposed people, for weeks, on that quarantined cruise ship, Jeri Seratti Goldman and Carl Goldman survived. In fact, Carl only experienced a mild fever, for a day and a lingering cough for ...

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Sleep Strategy Against Coronavirus

Sleep - Coronavirus - Dr. Polucki

By Dr. Thomas Polucki Sleep issues continue to rise with the coronavirus crisis. Also, any level of insomnia contributes to decreased immunity, increasing risks for even more mental and physical problems. Especially increasing the risk of injury, due to decreased focus and attention. But with a few simple changes, you could start supercharging your health with better sleep. The Problem ...

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Lasting Migraine Relief In Santa Clarita

Dr. Polucki - Migraine Relief

By Dr. Thomas Polucki Migraine Migraine: sickening torture, that most medications can’t touch. Broken bone pain in your head, for hours, days or more. As long as I could remember I always had migraines, then I found my answer when I was sixteen and in the past thirty five years I only had a few. Headache More than just a ...

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Telehealth From Coronavirus Back To Normal Strategy

Telehealth From Corona Virus Back To Normal Strategy

By Dr. Thomas Polucki On getting back to normal… First of all congratulations you survived coronavirus. Also you made it through the most stressful six weeks of the 21st-century. So now, we all have the navigate the new rules of how things work after the COVID-19 lockdown. Some of us need to reinvent ourselves and start over with limited resources. ...

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High Fat, Low Carb Diet, Hometown Keto – July 13, 2017


Host: Carl Goldman Guest: Lee Eyre, Sarah Eyre and Jim Rhoades Topic: Keto Diet Right Click Here To Download! Click Here To Listen! High Fat, Low Carb Diet, Hometown Keto – July 13, 2017 “You want more fat.” On this KHTS Special Broadcast, Carl Goldman speaks with some people behind the growing popularity of the keto diet around the Santa Clarita Valley and they ...

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