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Santa Clarita Life Coach Alex Urbina: Why Do Seniors Give Up Or Stop Trying?

Santa Clarita Life Coach Alex Urbina is talking about why he believes some seniors “give up” or “stop trying” in their lives, and how they can reach their full potential instead.

“I’ve been observing more and more in my last 18 years of consciousness and awareness and just observing people, I notice more and more seniors slowly either stop trying or they give up on things, and I want to ask … why?” Urbina said.

One possible reason is that the senior has tied their purpose and self worth to their career, and now that they’ve retired and no longer hold their job title, they don’t know who they are or why they’re important, according to Urbina.

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In addition, watching younger people moving up in ranks in their former industry with new ways of thinking and new technologies the senior doesn’t understand can add to these feelings of being irrelevant or without value, Urbina continued.

However, Urbina noted the importance of choosing to live “consciously” and make the decision to “develop” one’s spiritual and emotional self in addition to the more focused-upon intellectual self from as early an age as possible.

“What can commonly happen is if we’re developing the intelligent part of us in our mind but we’re not developing the emotional intelligence in our spirit, in our self-worth, in knowing who I really am distinctively separate from what I do and how people treat me, then that’s where we can have some trouble on the back end of our life.”

Urbina believes that a person’s role as a human being is to evolve both spiritually and emotionally instead of just intellectually, “Because when you develop a strong emotional, spiritual core, it doesn’t matter what you know anymore. It doesn’t matter what title you have,” he said.

He continued, “You are just so solid in who you are and you don’t need to do anything specific. You don’t need to hold a title. You don’t have to have a role. You just get to be the amazing you, and your light is shining so bright that you’re so fulfilled inside of you, that you’re not looking for something outside of you to try to fill that empty hole that you have inside because you never developed it.”

Urbina concluded, “That’s why I started this journey 20-plus years ago: to help teach and inspire and invite people onto this journey called conscious living.”

Whether it’s a senior who is struggling, an adult or an adolescent, Urbina specializes in helping people reach their full potential as a Santa Clarita life coach through personal transformation training. To reach Urbina, call 661-505-5021 or email alex@alexurbina.com.

Ed. Note: This article is a KHTS Community Spotlight based on the latest “The Alex Urbina Radio Show” on KHTS. 

Santa Clarita Life Coach Alex Urbina is one of the leading experts on teen, parent and family relationships. Specializing in personal transformation, Urbina has more than 20 years of experience as a life coach Santa Clarita residents can depend on. His Life Leadership Training programs have been implemented in schools, youth organizations and transformational centers across the country. Urbina is also the author of “The Inspirational Parent: The Magical Ingredients for Effective Parenting” and host of “The Alex Urbina Radio Show: Helping You Reach Your Full Potential” on KHTS, which airs Fridays at noon.

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Santa Clarita Life Coach Alex Urbina: Why Do Seniors Give Up Or Stop Trying?

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